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We are California Van-Lines, a broker for moving services located in the heart of Encino, California. Our offices are open to the public, and we can provide face to face moving consultation. Our experienced team of moving consultants are ready to arrange Full Service Moving needs, they have it easier to select the right company for you with our selective team of carriers within our network, – Over 1000+ Moving Companies are not trained or licensed to provide moving services. Let's make sure you are talking to the right moving company. We save you time in research and money by choosing the right company. Let us do all the work for you.



We never take on too much we cant handle, our moving consultants are dedicated to each move so that you can worry about other things besides your move. Our goal is to take away the stress of moving. Leave it to the professionals to worry about the logistics of your move.

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  • Insurance for your Belongings 
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  • Expedited Shipping

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"The packing was unbelievable, I enjoyed watching my furniture get packed and loaded"  Kay D.

I had an excellent experience using California Van- Lines, Inc. as my moving broker. The agent I worked with Marcelo was extremely helpful very courteous and professional and guided me through the entire experience. He was there for me anytime I had a question. He guided me through my contract explained everything, the timing involved and how to put my inventory together. He even gave me tips on how to pack and save money. Marcelo made my move so easy for me.. and not only that ..he connected me with an excellent moving company that they contract with. All of my belongings arrived on time safely. I highly recommend California Van-Lines, Inc. it's definitely worth your while to give them a call!

Carol T.


Cindy was great, she was so helpful and reliable. I was stressed about moving to Cali. After getting some quotes and reading a few reviews I was happy I went with California Van-Lines. Cindy was up-front and honest about the pricing, non of the bs I heard from​ other companies. Moving day came and everything happened as promised. Thank you for all you do, you made my moving experience the best it could have been. 

Ron K.


I had to move from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL during a difficult time in my life. Be cause of my situation, I required flexibility. I was uncertain of a lot of my dates, destination, and services that were required. Marcelo was very kind and handled all of these changes expertly. In the best of circumstances, moving is difficult, but I was fortunate to have Marcelo and his moving associates handling everything for me. I am now in my new house with all of my belongings safely delivered. Thank you!​

Varin A.